Optimize Your Business

R&D Tax Credit

Your business may be entitled to large cash incentives and credit programs offered through Federal, State and local levels. We currently recover over $2,000,000 per month for our clients! Let us help to see if you qualify!

Is Debt Elimination Ethical

Preserving value that would otherwise be lost to bankruptcy or business failure creates a win-win for all parties. By result, business debt is eliminated while personal guaranties are reduced to an acceptable loss. SBA loan workouts, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) resolution, equipment lease debt, vendor debt, landlord debt, franchise agreement renegotiations, business seller financing renegotiation, conventional loan workouts.

Value Improvement

Using proprietary algorithms, we give companies the data and tools necessary to build sustainable, transferable business Enterprise Value. We plot your company’s strengths, risks and vulnerable areas and how much value is being left on the table due to operational and market deficiencies. Discover how 15 minutes can unveil key growth opportunities in your business!